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Friendship For Tots Inc.

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  • Mission

    Friendship for TOTS mission is to provide a loving, supportive, safe and educational environment for families who need affordable quality daycare for their children. It is our goal to offer a program that meets the intellectual, social, emotional and physical needs of each child. We promote parental involvement which is essential to a child’s educational success.

  • Our goals for the child

    Friendship for Tots offers a program that provides opportunities for being with other children in a setting encouraging the development of wholesome social relationships. Throughout your child’s daily activities he/she will have appropriate play experiences that contributes to early childhood education and the developmental needs of the children. Meaningful play that is based on the child’s individual needs, interests, handicaps, and abilities will build important foundations for future skills.

  • Our goals for the parents

    Parents will be given the opportunities to meet and work with other parents and the daycare staff that has the interest of their children as their 1st priority. Parents will be responsible for participating in their child’s daily activities such as homework and extracurricular activities. Parents will have a clear understanding of their child’s overall development and educational needs.

  • Our goals for the community

    Friendship for Tots has the expectations to help meet the needs of the community for a quality secured child friendly daycare facility. The daycare will contribute to the wholesome growth and development of the citizens of the community. Friendship for Tots will strive to be an integral part of the community providing a setting where people of various religious and ethnic backgrounds can work together towards the enhancement of the children of the community educational needs.

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Friendship For Tots Inc. has partnered with numerous organizations to deliver a program that provides opportunities to working parents and their children in a climate and culture that encourages the development of wholesome social relationships


Dr. C. Nathan Edwers, CEO
It is with great delight that we offer Friendship for ToTs as your Child Day Care provider. We are a quality secured child friendly Daycare facility. Children are the most important gift that God has given to us. We promise to provide a haven for learning and character building. We encourage you to tour our facility and meet with our qualified staff. This website is designed to give you an overview of our program. Please feel free to contact us for the child care needs.


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